Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: The Spirit of Fire and Smoke From a Distant Fire

My fire dragon is feeling hot this week - he was featured in two fantastically fiery collections. SunitaJi invoked the spirit of fire to honor firefighters and their family. Items ranged from a phoenix tribal belly dancer top to a campfire owl pocket mirror. JTB was inspired by a classic song by the Sanford-Townsend Band. Other items included a smoky quartz gold ring, fire truck art prints and a lava glass vase.

The Spirit of Fire

Smoke From a Distant Fire


  1. Both of these treasuries are gorgeous! Congrats! I linked one of my own features from today.

  2. Love your hot and firey collections...don't forget, "The Walking Dead" starts this Sunday. YAH!!!


  3. Wonderful treasuries!


  4. Thanks for the opportunity to post the "One for the Guys" treasury and commented on all the lovely T's above me...

  5. Love your fire treasuries! Hot,hot,hot!

  6. Thanks for the opportunity to post Pink is the Color of My True Love's Eyes treasury. I hope that everyone will take a moment to go to www.thebreastcancersite.com and Click to Give. It only costs the few seconds that it takes to click.

  7. Amazing treasuries listed here this week! I'm enjoying going through them all. :)

  8. Beautiful treasuries. I didn't realize how great fire was as a theme. So "cool"!



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