Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: Bring your Sunglasses

I've broken two pairs of sunglasses in the last month. Granted, both were a few years old and cost less than $5 - but it still made me tear up, and perhaps not just because I had to drive home with the sun glinting in my unprotected eyes. You might want to heed Jeni of grimmlynn's advice when gazing at her treasury below. Spring hair flowers, a sunny yellow short sleeve sweater and my golden unicorn warrior are just a few of the brightly beautiful items featured.

Bring your Sunglasses


  1. Some wonderful inspiration lurking in each treasury here, as usual. I especially enjoyed the whimsy and adventure of "A Cup of Tea with Mona". Thanks for the uplift everyone :)

  2. Bright and sunny treasury! A great way to brighten a day!

  3. I love the bright yellow shades! Thanks for another great link up as always.

  4. Yep. sunglasses definitely need for that treasury! cheerful!


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