Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: A Bear Without My Morning Cuppa

Do you growl at people before drinking your morning cuppa? Pamela of Bates Mercantile Co. trapped handmade goods to tranquilize the bear within your sleepy soul. Treats include a Moroccan coffee pot, chocolate orange cookies and my cocoa fairy pendant.

A Bear Without My Morning Cuppa
Treasuries shared by readers between July 17 - July 23

A Bear Without My Morning Cuppa
Taupe and Topaz
Beach House Decor
Ruby Reds
Tip of the Hat
Brown Chocolate
monday VJSE pounced treasury
Tribal Summer
just love me the way that I am. . .
so very M O D

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  1. Yippee! How wonderful to be chosen as the feature treasury. Thanks Kristin!

  2. It's a beautiful treasury Pam and hey my earrings are in it :)

  3. Thanks for doing this Aquariann.

    the wirequeen

  4. Thanks for the opportunity!


  5. That is an awesome collection! So creative. Thanks for the great link up as always.

  6. Love these collections! Beach House Decor is especially gorgeous!

  7. You have a great blog, love your header graphics!


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