Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Treasury Tuesday: Fire!

Summer is heating up! Marisa found several hot handmade items that will have you running for your wallet instead of the nearest exit. Her fiery fantasy finds include dragon costume scalemail top by Eternal Elf Creations, flamingo phoenix sculpture by CedarMoon Studio and my fire dragon magnet.

Fire Treasury
Treasuries shared by readers between July 2 - July 8, 2013

Wire Wrapped Jewelry
Meet Me at the Fair
The Universe
The Crow's Haven
Sand and Stone
Summer Picnic
Teal and Twilight
Pretty in Punk

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  1. If I could pull off the hair style in that first photo, I would be making a hair appointment tomorrow. I love the red and black fire look in all of these designs!

  2. great treasuries! :)I've found some new faves!

  3. Very nice this collection!!!!

  4. This is an awesome treasury! I am lovin that Phoenix Flamingo. Way cool.

  5. I've just added the Teal and Twilight treasury to the list - hopefully this is the right place to comment, if not then profuse apologies, just give me a kick and I'll comment again in the appropriate place! :)


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