Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Treasury Tuesday: Pink Whimsy

Last weekend I adventured to the Delaware State Fair for the first time in years. (Check back on Wordless Wednesday to see what motivated my visit on such a hot July day.) And while I no longer had an urge to beg my parents for pink cotton candy, I still felt like I was on a sugar high from the childhood nostalgia. Tiffany of In a Pretty Home captured the magical feeling of hazy summer memories. Her whimsical gift ideas include silk ballet shoes by Bobka Baby, ferris wheel photograph by Sixth + Main and my pink ribbon art print.

Pink Whimsy Treasury
Treasuries shared by readers between July 23 - July 29, 2013

Stories of the Sea
White Wedding
Practically Purple in Every Way
shades of sunlight
To the Queen- bee

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  1. This is by far one of the treasuries I love the most. It was a joy to create and your fairy fit so beautifully.

    Thank YOU so FAIRY much for featuring my treasury this week! :)

  2. Love your page!
    Barefoot Bloggess

  3. your unicorn warrior is such a cool addition to the trendsetting midweek games treasury i made tonight...it is such fun to meet etsy people and see the marvelous creativity they give the world. such a fun way to get your treasuries onto your blog...how did you set it up? yours in creativity jeannine

    1. Thank you so fairy much, Jeannine! There are a few treasury tools out there that will convert Etsy's code, but I prefer to take a screenshot so it looks like the curator originally intended it.


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