Sunday, March 21, 2021

Wish Manicure: Black and Gold Nail Polish Stickers

Black and Gold Nail Polish Stickers from Wish
Happy Spring! The daffodils are blooming again, and so is my blog. Who knows how long I'll be back this time, as my brick-and-mortar comic book store is always branching out in new ways and keeping me busy.

But since I discovered Jamberry nail wraps in 2014 and no longer have to use paint to make my nails pretty, I make time at least every few weeks to do my nails. I've tried many, many brands of nail stickers, including Sally Hansen polish strips and Color Street nail strips. The black and gold nail polish stickers I'm wearing above came from Wish. The design is A169, but there's dozens of other options. They are currently being offered for free, with $3 shipping, but prices on Wish fluctuate constantly.

Plus, checkout using my referral code, nzvwwgk, to get $5 to spend on! Even if you're already a member, you can still claim the credit if you haven't made a purchase within 30 days.

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Saturday, March 20, 2021

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Pink Flower Photo: Kwanzan Cherry Blossoms in Their Prime

Kwanzan Cherry Blossoms Photo by Aquariann
I've been stalking the Kwanzan cherry trees in Nassau Commons since the first spring I worked there in 2005. It wasn't until 2009 that I started participating in Wordless Wednesdays, which led to my love of nature photography. 2012 was the first year I posted a photo of the Kwanzan cherry tree blooming, and then again in 2014, 2016, and twice in 2017, April 21 and 28.

Then we were in full swing with Ogre's Grove so I didn't blog much in 2018 and not at all in 2019 - but I was still sharing flower photographs on, just like I did earlier in week when I saw the first double blossom appear near the trunk of one of the trees. In anticipation of the rest of the flowers flourishing, I found this pink flower photo from last year and added it to my Fine Art America gallery.

When researching for inspiration on what to write in the description, I was shocked to learn that the type of cherry tree only has a lifespan of 15-25 years! I naively thought trees just lived forever, unless they got a disease or were cut down. The flowers certainly make them look like they're in their prime right now, even though they're definitely past the 15 year mark! I hope I have another decade of enjoying them.

At least I have many photos to remember their beauty, and plan to take many more this April. Although I failed at my resolution of getting back to blogging monthly here, I'm not giving up forever!

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