Monday, January 9, 2017

Manicure Monday: Champagne Frost Nail Art by Jamberry

Snowflake Nail Art

Saturday was too cold to play in the first snow of 2017. Instead I applied Champagne Frost nail wraps from Seasonail while watching white magic whirl by the window! Think this Jamberry design is cool? It's retiring January 15. For those that don't buy it in time, I'll be giving half of my snowflake sheet away for the Jeepers It's January Giveaway Hop so check back January 17 to enter.

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Snowflake Nail Art Finds

Beautiful Snowflake Nail Art From @Bmodish Golden Snowflakes Nail Art by @PaulinaPassions Winter Snowflake Nails  by @AnnKristin0


  1. those colors and patterns look amazing indeed!

  2. As perfect as a freshly fallen snowflake. So pretty!

  3. Kristin, you have such lovely fingernails! In the winter, mine don't do too well. They tend to break easier, so it's best to keep them short.

    1. Hi Cathy. I have a tip that might bring some relief. Dry winter air dries nails out and can cause them to be brittle. I keep favorite tubes of hand creams on my desk at work, next to the couch and on my nightstand which reminds me to use them multiple times a day to help keep my skin hydrated. I also have to use cuticle oil to keep my cuticles from cracking badly in the winter. Always apply hand lotion/cream after you've had your hands in water too! :)


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