Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Imaginationists Treasury

The talent of my fellow Fantasy Artists of Etsy team members never ceases to amaze me. Just search Etsy using tag word "FAEteam" and you'll see what I mean. One could spend hours getting lost in our visions. I don't know how paintandink was able to choose only 12 items in her imaginative treasury, but I'm honored my Peridot dragon magnet made an appearance. *soars* Go peek at it before it shimmers away on Saturday, May 16th at 1:58pm.

The Imaginationists
PS: If the treasury expires before you're able to view it and it's life or death that you see a featured item, add "" after the username (they're on the second line under the picture, left of the price - and if they're hard to read, right click on the image so you can view it full size) and you'll be magically whisked away to their shop. For example, you'd type my username, "aquariann," then "" and abra ca dabra:

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