Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am Catwoman. Hear me roar.

October leapt by in a streak of black and sparkle. Every time I even thought about writing a blog entry, someone would wave something shiny in my face and I'd pounce. There was the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival, the LDAF Bling Ball, Zombieland ... not to mention several friends with birthdays, including Justin, whose gift I will be blogging about in the very near future because it is that super! Plus Baltimore Comic-Con and Halloween, which I must describe in more detail.

October 11th and 12th was Baltimore Comic-Con, and instead of just going for a day trip this year, Justin and I made a much-needed 4-day weekend of it. We stayed at a lovely Country Inn near the airport. Their unlimited chocolate chip cookies and french vanilla cappuccino had me at hello. Friday night we went swimming and then relaxed in the hot tub. Saturday was a bit tricky getting to the convention center, as several streets were blocked off because of the Baltimore Marathon. Once we finally arrived, I was again overwhelmed by all the pretty pictures. Since we had 2 days to peruse, I started at the 4 for $1 comic book bins and gradually worked my way up to the $1 ones. I was able to fill in several holes of my X-Men and Witchblade titles very cheaply. So at the end of the 2nd day, I splurged a bit and bought several Grimm Fairy Tales from the Zenos Books booth. What can I say, their twisted tales ensnare me! There were also plenty of intriguing people to stare at, as well, as this year was Baltimore Comic-Con's first costume contest! Justin and I went undercover in our street clothes, but perhaps next year I'll pull out the Catwoman costume I made for Halloween (getting to that). When we got home, I googled to find out the winners, as we couldn't stay for the entire thing, and guess what I found! Justin and I were captured in a Baltimore Sun photo, sitting directly behind the Flash!

So, the costume. I have never in my life spent more time on one! I always have great intentions of creating unique costumes, despite my lack of sewing skills, but by the time Halloween rolls around, I usually end up falling back on my fairy and witch arsenal of glittery goodness. However, this year, one of my dear friends hosted a Tim Burton-themed party and encouraged everyone to dress up as a character from one of his movies. Justin was the one that suggested us revisiting our comic book theme (he was Superman and I was Wonder Woman two years ago) by going as Catwoman and Penguin from Batman Returns. And then he had to work! So I was forced to take one of his minions as my date, instead. And yes, I did make the rocket out of a wrapping paper tube, gotta shout out to the super simple tutorial I found by EnchantedLearning. My mask was a hood cut off from a Scream mask, which I then stitched cardboard ears covered in fabric from another recycled Halloween costume from ages past. (Thank you, Mom!) And the body suit I miraculously found at a thrift store for $1.75, then went to town stabbing haphazardly with white yarn. Hurray for being thrifty! And hurray for Halloween! Hope everyone else had as fabulous a time as I.


  1. Great job on the costume! I'm totally living vicariously. ;)

  2. me-OW! Look at you :D
    so proud of your clever thriftiness- and the result is fabulous. look at your svelteness, too. all around success!

  3. I too am happy that Beetlejuice is still popular. I love that movie and character.


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