Sunday, February 14, 2010

Roses aren't always red.

DaisiesJustin surprised me with flowers and Ghiradelli chocolates this morning. He'd hidden the flowers in the garage last night, then got out of bed before me and furtively rushed to arrange them into a vase. He revitalized tasty omelet leftovers from the Blue Ocean Restaurant for breakfast, so I awoke to a feast of food and flowers on the kitchen table. Instead of the traditional red roses, he chose a very pale pink and mixed them in with an assorted purple, white and red bouquet. They're so very pretty. I'm tempted to close the blinds, turn the heat up and pretend it's spring.

Thanks to the icy roads this week, I didn't make it any further than Happy Harry's for his gifts. However, I was ecstatic to discover a heart-shaped box filled with Coldstone Creamery chocolates. That's right, they licensed their Chocolate Devotion, Peanut Butter Cup Perfection, Our Strawberry Blonde and Coffee Lovers Only flavors to Turin to cover in scrumptious milk chocolate. I also picked up a bag of gummy bears and a Valentine card with an adorable little pirate hobbling around in his heart-shaped eye patch.

We don't have plans to go out tonight, as Justin has to work late. But Kerin is coming over later to play some Donkey Kong Barrel Blast while we wait for our men to get home, so hurray! Hope everyone else is having as splendid a day as I am! I am so thankful for all the love (and chocolate:) in my life.



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