Monday, February 22, 2010

To Melt Winter's Heart Treasury

The current Fantasy Artists of Etsy exhibition must be charming the ice off of winter, as today Delaware was granted rain instead of snow. And the FAEteam is just warming up - I added seven more sultry items just moments ago. Julie of Mermaiden Creations also included my pinback button of Katy in a treasury featuring items in the exhibition. *shines* Grab a cup of hot chocolate and cuddle with us before Wednesday, February 24th at 4:27am.

To Melt Winter's Heart
PS: If the treasury expires before you're able to view it and you want to see a featured item, add "" after the username (they're on the second line under the picture, left of the price - and if they're hard to read, right click on the image so you can view it full size) and you'll be magically whisked away to their shop. For example, you'd type my username, "aquariann," then "" and abra ca dabra:


  1. Katy was asking so sweetly to be included in the treasury- how could I disappoint her?

  2. Man, I have GOT to get me one of Wildwood's paper lanterns sometime here. And an amber necklace. And and and...

    You know, if I win the lottery, it's just gonna be party time across Etsy.


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