Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mermaids Are Real Sculpture by PhenomeGNOME

I've taken many a scrolling stroll through the pages of the PhenomeGNOME Enchanted Garden Shop. Mary Ferguson (aka MissGnomer, as her husband has so cleverly nicknamed her) is a Fantasy Artist of Etsy that crafts each gorgeous handmade concrete statue, using molds made from her own sculptures or vintage pieces. Although she harbors a special love for the Wee Folk, she also adores and creates many other fantastical beings, including fairies, dragons and mermaids.

Her garden decorations are all so wonderful; it took me quite awhile to decide which one to buy as a birthday gift for my mom. I finally chose the sweetly smiling mermaid below. The cute title, "Mermaids Are Real - In My Concrete Garden Statue World," may have given her brownie points. When she arrived, I couldn't believe how heavy she was for only being 6.5" tall! And the amount of detail is even more amazing in person. My mom was just as impressed as I, and placed her in the living room so she could see her everyday.

Now to save up for a sculpture of my own! I have my eye on the dragon queen and her hatchlings, but Mary features so many enticing creations in her fabulous slideshow that, again, it'll be a difficult choice when the time arrives.


  1. I'm a fan of the Mistress of Gnomes, too! Love the piece you picked out for your mama- how perfectly suited :D

  2. What a lovely water maiden -- and what a lucky mom! I could easily have guessed you are a sweet daughter, and here is the proof. Mwah!

  3. Mary's work really is amazing! I have a little fairy door from her: it's so cute. She also contributed a Fairy Kitty for the 3 Day handmade raffle: absolutely adorable!


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