Friday, July 30, 2010

Guard your money with a dragon wallet

aquariann duct tape walletMy Nightmare Before Christmas wallet from Hot Topic loyally haunted my purse for six years ... but when my ID began jumping out of its torn window, I knew it was finally time to lay Jack and Sally to rest. I decided to treat myself to a handmade wallet instead.

After scouring Etsy, I was hypnotized by the dozens of pop culture wallets from Custom Wallets. It was tempting to check out immediately with a Nintendo, Smurfs, Wonder Woman or of course, Nightmare Before Christmas design. Then I read the shop announcement and discovered I could request any theme. Would it be Strawberry Shortcake, Jem or She-Ra? The Last Unicorn or Rogue and Gambit? Oh, the possibilities were endless.

And then it hit me with silly string - why not order a wallet of my very own art? And behold, Jeremy worked his magic with duct tape and clear tape to create a classic bi-fold style with flip out ID and two credit card slots crawling with my creatures.


  1. Very awesome Kristin!! I do so love your wallet, and it would make a great Christmas present (hint, hint) :)

  2. That is certainly an interesting product!!

  3. Hi while I did get my check book covers from a scrapbook store you can get them from oriental trading.

  4. Your art is very magical and full of whimsy. I love your ladies they're beautiful and charming.


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