Saturday, July 10, 2010

Steampunk SNS Secret from Clockwork Jungles on Etsy

Runs like ClockworkIt's rough to fathom that I didn't crank out a single metallic cent for these stunning "Runs Like Clockwork" earrings from Etsy shop Clockwork Jungles. My unearthing them as an utterly free SNS secret back in June felt like fate, as it coincided with the astounding Steampunk Tree House being forged a mere three miles from my home in Delaware.

The steampunk genre had been swiveling slowly upon the edges of my thoughts for months, then came unbolted and propelled itself resonantly into my world that week. I hope to soon incorporate that style into an art piece or two of my own.

I shall certainly draw inspiration from these dramatic earrings that are described by the jewelry artist as "not for the faint of heart. A set of long and ornate black clock hands make up the body of the earring. They are accented on the top with wire wrapped crystals in red and a golden gear that dangles from an antiqued brass chain. The crystals are accented with a tiny gear worked into the wire wrapping."

Isn't it striking what beauty she's created from recycling unwanted clock parts?


  1. I just saw this, and I wanted to thank you. I'm really glad that you love the earrings, as much as you do, and I hope you have fun exploring steampunk. I'm excited to see what you come up with.

  2. sexy. should be in caps. SEX-Y.

  3. Fab earrings - love steampunk! Debs


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