Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Finds, Comic Book Style: X-Men

Comic books deserve a lot of credit for the existence of my art. I was a big fan of the X-Men cartoon back in elementary school, but it wasn't until college that I avidly started collecting the comic books. After marveling at the line art and vibrant colors of the first lot of Uncanny X-Men books that I acquired from eBay, I knew I had to try drawing the characters myself. My first attempt was a mushy embrace of Gambit and Rogue scrawled in Bic pen and Crayola markers. I had so much fun that I branched out to my favorite characters from anime and 80's cartoons, and then into original fairies, dragons and other magical creatures of my own.

I haven't drawn fan art in several years, but my comic book adoration is still superhero strong. Although I collect many different series, my longboxes are mostly filled with X-Men titles. And I will be raiding the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend for even more. Hence why I decided that my first Friday Finds blog entry ever be X-Men themed. Don't these handmade items by fellow Etsyian's make you wish the world could be saved by pure cuteness?! *dons cape and flies away*

Handmade X-men Finds on Etsy
1. X-Men Meerkats by Niftyknits

2. Wolverine JR. 2GB USB Flash Drive by Alas! My Dear

3. Neato Magneto Print by violinTide art & design

4. X-Men Classic Rogue and Gambit Rubber Ducks by Only Ducks


  1. OMG how cute! I love em.

    Following from the Weekend Blog Hop.
    Stop by my blog too:

  2. I don't know much about x-men, but I do know I love meerkats, very cute!

  3. Rogue and Gambit are my favorite X Men :] I am an Elfquest fan myself, and my husband reads so many comics I can't even begin to keep up with him.
    Have fun this weekend!

  4. Thanks for featuring my Magneto print! I am a life-long X-Men fan to the end! XD

  5. Cool you get to go to Comic-Con! Love your page btw:)

  6. LOL @ Tess's comment above...I didn't know much about Xmen either till I meerkatted them! Thanks so much for the feature Aquariann!

  7. Ah, very fun! Gotta love some comic book inspired stuff!

  8. Eeee! X-MEN! Gambit ducky is adorable!


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