Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Finds, FAE Style: Pirate Jewels and Treasure Maps

Ahoy, me hearties! This Sunday, September 19th, be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so I'm commandeering a head start. I've once again swaggered over to me crew of Fantasy Artists of Etsy to dig up today's finds. Handsomely now, ye sea dogs and landlubbers alike! Grab yer cutlass and follow me to the buried treasure.

Handmade Pirate Finds on Etsy
1. Pirate Skull Gothic Cameo Necklace by Shamble Ramble

2. Pirate Hair Jewels Set by Faire Treasures

3. Isle of Chance Map by The Interimaginational Institute

4. Anne Bonny's Trinkets Necklace by Gypsy Moon Art Studio


  1. You rock my skull and crossbones socks! :D Thank you for including my Pirate Hair Jewels Set.

    I simply *adore* those necklaces. I can has one of everything?? ^-^

  2. hahaha nice finds, lassie. :P

    that map is COOL!

    (ps - found your blog from LittleGrayFox's blog hop! :P)

  3. I love that map so much! I'm so glad her shop is open again!

  4. I'll drink to that!
    and to that.
    ...and to that.
    and to.......................................

  5. Arrrrr! I sure like that octopus necklace :D

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! How fun!! I'm a little sad that it doesn't fall on a work day-- it's always fun to answer the phones "Aaaaarrrrgh! What do ye want matey?"

  7. Wow... Sunday, you say? I can't imagine me going to church and talking like a Pirate... they may think I'm possessed! :)

  8. Pass the rum, matey!
    Thanks to ya fer adding me to the lot!

  9. Now where did me puts that piratey talkin' how do de do book lookin' thing, aaarggh! My piratey spechin' be full o' rust 'n bones, me mateys, and I be needin' a few whacks wit' a cutlass upside the hed to joggle me brains--better, a pint o' grog would trick me up fine, aarrr, aarrr, aarrr, and scuppering off with all o' that booteful booty, too!

  10. I am SO glad that you stopped by and visited my blog, I'm your newest follower and I hope that you follow back! I love the pirates theme too and was so lucky this summer to see "The Black Pearl" for the upcoming new Pirates movie with Johnny was just too cool. Plus I love, love, love fairies! I hope you have something creative to post on my weekend blog hop. Thanks again for such a refreshing blog!

  11. amazing finds, true art...have a super day!

    enjoy *~*

  12. aarrr, I swear that's Errol Flynn!
    I'm ahoppin' aboard to find the treasure--
    no, he's the treasure!!
    I'll journey with him! aarrr, aarrr!

  13. Oh a special day to be a pirate YAY! My family think I am a little crazy already (He! He!) so I don't think they will really think anything of it if I act all pirate-y :)

    Love the Octopus Trinket Necklace, thanks for sharing, Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

  14. Lovely pirate findings! I love the second "Pirate Hair Jewels Set"-picture <3

  15. ooh, I love the Anne Bonny's Trinkets Necklace...aaaarrr!

  16. How do pirates like to vacation?

    In an aaaaaaaaaRV.

    My dad drives a boat at Disney World--this is what they do for fun. I've got a million of 'em.


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