Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Help heal the Gulf, support The Fairy Sand Project

Lewes Beach, DelawareA glimmering handful of Lewes Beach is making its journey across the country to the Enchanted World of Fairy Woodland in Oregon. During the Fall Equinox on September 22, it will be gathered together with sand from other faraway places in an energy blessing ritual. Then five fairy houses, one to comfort each of the Gulf states, will be constructed by October 22, the next full moon.

Fairy House by John CrawfordFor those unfamiliar with fairy houses, here's a description from the artists - "We build small houses made of natural materials like twigs and stone and sand for the homes and gardens of mortals who want to invite these mystical creatures to come and live with them. These miniature houses are not just craft projects – they are alchemical art, designed to engage the mythic imagination and open a gateway for communication with the life energies that inhabit forests and streams, caves, trees, flowers – all of the natural world."

Sounds wonderful, right? If you'd like the healing power of your own local waterway included in this magnificent event, it's not too late - the deadline for arrival is September 21, 2010. Visit The Fairy Sand Project page for more details.


  1. That's a very cool project! Thank you for sharing!

    We have a fairy house in our side yard... Heather and I built it one weekend when the girls were gone and they truly believe that the fairies are responsible. We add little things now and then - painted rocks, marbles or beads. It's a really fun little project and it's so cool to see how the girls react when "the fairies" have decorated with something new. :)

  2. The fairy house is so enchanting. I may need one for my garden:)

  3. My children and I make fairy houses all the time --- these are beautiful! What a wonderful cause!

  4. wow, very cool cause! I love the fairy enchanted =)

  5. This is by far one of the most wonderful things I have ever heard of :)

    I wish them well and hope this helps in healing the disaster in the Gulf. Thanks so much for sharing :) T.

  6. What a nice idea, sending all the families in the Gulf good health...


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