Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Finds, Nightmare Style: Jack Skellington

Nightmare Before ChristmasLast year, my Pumpkin King gifted me with a shiny new The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition DVD. I watch the movie all year long, not just around Halloween, so my VHS version was starting to moan when rewinding. I happily laid it with the rest of my collection.

Over the years, I've acquired several official Nightmare treasures, including Jack and Sally Wind Up Toys, a Boogie's Boys Pen Holder, Shock Headknocker, two identical Sally Fleece Blankets (I couldn't bear to return either when I received both as gifts) Rag Doll Perfume, even an Oogie Boogie Lava Lamp.

My shrine to Halloween Town is also sprinkled with one of a kind items. A talented glass etcher sent me a Jack and Sally cookie jar from a craft swap on Craftster. Friend and fellow artist E Krumm cut out an awesome Jack silhouette from white foam core and framed it on black as a house warming gift.

My eyes are always peeled like grapes for more handmade treats! Luckily, Jack Skellington is a popular man on Etsy to find. Who can resist someone so tall, dead and handsome?

Autumn in the Mountains Finds on Etsy
1. Jack Skellington Halloween Vinyl Decal by Modern Decals

2. Nightmare Before Christmas Tutu Dress by XPoppysWickedGardenX

3. Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas Art Doll by A Little Catty

4. Jack Skellington Crocheted Cotton Hat by Inspired By Baby Astin


  1. Great movie! I also really like the Corpse Bride

  2. That art doll is great! Congrats on over 400 on your blog...I am slowing getting there but having a hard to breaking 300 on my blog!

  3. oops meant to say "having a hard time breaking 300 on my blog".

  4. Interesting! that Christmas art doll is really neat!

  5. I LOVE Tim Burton's films, you made me want to see the Nightmare Before Christmas again ;) That vinyl decal is crazy! :D

  6. zomg the decal on the garage door is HI-larious :D

  7. Fabulous movie! I love the skirt too!
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