Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Finds, Pink Ribbon Style: Awareness Wings

Happy October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I hope my treasury blog post earlier in the week got you in the pink frame of mind. For those followers that may have missed it, I ecstatically shared not only the fantastic breast cancer awareness treasuries that include my Aware fairy magnet, but also a search to dozens of other amazing collections that support the cause.

Since joining Etsy in 2006, I've quested for pink ribbon gifts for my mom, a survivor of more than 15 years. There are hundreds of handmade creations to choose from across the world, and many sellers donate a portion of the sale to their favorite charity. All that generosity makes me want to soar! Grab a pair of wings and join me, won't you?

Breast Cancer Awareness Finds on Etsy
1. Pink Faerie Wings, 30% to Komen for the Cure by The Blu Pixie

2. Pink Sweet Roses Angel 5x7" Print by Schin

3. Holding on to Hope Fairy Print by Kristie Silva

4. Fairy of Hope Necklace by Romantic Desires


  1. Thank you for posting this information regarding this cause and these generous sellers.

  2. This is such an important cause. My boyfriend had breast cancer twice and is constantly on the lookout ...Remember it's not just for women.

  3. So true, Jacqueline! *sends permanent healing sparkles to your boyfriend*

  4. What beautiful finds for such a good cause.

  5. Thank you for posting this important information and such wonderful items to support it!

  6. Thank you for using my Hope fairy. I'm very passionate about finding a cure for breast cancer as I lost a really good friend to breast cancer.


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