Monday, November 22, 2010

Branch out to Autena Trinkets and Treasures!

I am thrilled to introduce my very first and incredibly sweet blog sponsor, Megan of Autena! Her childhood home was akin to a museum, full of interesting items that amassed over the years. She describes it as, "a magical visual atmosphere, which allowed for the viewer’s imagination to bubble forth. Thus was nurtured my passion for collecting - holding on to heirlooms and scouring markets of all sorts for whatever held my fancy at the time."

After a career in the food business, followed by one in health care, she's returned to her roots for her third career as a treasure hunter and re-purposed jewelry artist. She proves that the third time's a charm! Her Etsy shop is filled with unique trinkets from vintage Christmas ornaments and perfume bottles to handmade bracelets of upcycled buttons and chains.

Autena Etsy Shop

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  1. Am I allowed to comment on my own profile? I'm thrilled, and proud to be your first sponsor. Thank you so much Aquariann.

  2. Enjoyed reading and learning about Autena =]

  3. Sounds like a great site. I will visit Autena soon Ÿ

  4. Love her banner--those colors are divine. Her shop is indeed filled with treasures! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Neat! I really should browse, since I haven't bought a new Christmas ornament this year.


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