Monday, November 29, 2010

Branch out to FaerieMajikk, the Fantasy Art of Lindsay Cheesewright!

Lindsay of FaerieMajikk spends hours painting the visions of the dreamer. Her adoration of fantasy art began during childhood when her brother gave her a unicorn poster out of a magazine. Years later, her art is still very much inspired by a child's ability to unquestioningly believe in fantastical things. Her shop glimmers with fairies and elven queens, sirens and vampires. It is truly a place without limits or boundaries.

Painting ordinary still life and landscapes have never appealed to Lindsay. Creating fantasy art is not merely a want, it's a need. Her advice to other artists is "All I can say is create what you love, what you have a passion for, never give up on your dreams and always keep learning - that's the most important I think, being open to new things, techniques, etc."

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