Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Finds, Glass Style: Punkins Not for Chunkin

Punkin Chunkin 2009 Science Channel VideoIt's the 25th Annual World Championship Punkin Chunkin this weekend. For those giving the screen a blank stare, you apparently didn't grow up in Sussex County, Delaware like I did. Or happen to flick through the Science Channel on November 1st, the day they deemed Chunk-O-Ween and devoted several hours to showcasing mighty contraptions hurling pumpkins through the air. Don't cry over splattered pulp if you missed it - you can see pumpkins fly instantly by downloading all four Punkin Chunkin episodes.

I was a teenager the first time I went. It was still held in Milton, and one of the pumpkins went much further than expected and nearly hit a car on Coastal Highway. The event has since evolved onto a 1,000-acre farm in Bridgeville. They're estimating nearly 100,000 spectators this year, so I'm not going to brave the chilly madness. I wonder if any Etsyians will?

There aren't any handmade items tagged with "Punkin Chunkin" on Etsy. Crushing, right? I am instead sharing with you beautiful pumpkin pieces that you would not want to drop, let alone catapult through the air over 4,000 feet.

Glass Pumpkin Finds on Etsy
1. Pumpkin Patch Brass Leaf Earrings by For The Cross Jewelry Designs

2. Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin with Iridized Stem by Vessel Studio

3. 3-D Stained Glass Mosaic Pumpkin by Artsy Phartsy

4. Pumpkin Patch Wine Glass Candle Holders Set by Neat Stuff


  1. Wonderful Etsy finds. I love the earrings and the glass pumpkin, really all of them.

  2. people really like to see things go splat, don't they? it is a mystery :D
    your picks dazzle me with their pumpkin perfection!

  3. The steampunk tree house is amazing :)

    I also love the hand blown glass pumpkins, had to heart them :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a lovely Sunday, T. :)

  4. Punkin Chunkin ---now THAT put a smile on my face, lol! Thanks for sharing these finds, they are simply GORGEOUS!

  5. Just makes me want to go chunk a pumpkin; but not the ones you have pictured. They are simply beautiful. You really need to do a pumpkin fairy for next year. Luv Ya!!!

  6. Punkin Chunkin sounds fun!! :-) I like your Etsy picks, especially the mosaic pumpkin.

  7. I love these delicate takes on the sturdy pumpkin!

  8. Hooray for Delaware! We take a family vacation to
    Bethany Beach every year, driving up & down Coastal Highway several times a day ;). You chose some great Etsy items, btw.


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