Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Finds, Thanksgiving Dinner Style: Homemade Turkey Legs

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and I am already drooling over the meal in store at our family gathering. What is your favorite mouthwatering morsel? I am a ravenous fan of the casseroles - broccoli, corn, green bean or sweet potato, they're all divine. I can't resist the traditional stuffing, mashed potatoes or croissant rolls, either. Then there's cracker gravy, a delicious dish I wasn't introduced to until I began dating Justin. And of course, Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be the same without turkey as the main course. Feast your eyes on these adorably unique creations I found while hunting through the handmade fields of Etsy.

Turkey Leg Finds on Etsy
1. Bartholomew, Thanksgiving Monster Sculpture by dance sippy dance

2. Oven Roasted Turkey Plush by Midnight Snack

3. Juicy Turkey Leg Pinata by Birchangel Pinatas

4. Turkey Leg Baby Rattle by MayaBella Handmade


  1. Delicious finds! I like the oven one most - MmMMM.

  2. I love the turkey plush! : )

  3. I love sweet potato casserole... and homemade cranberry sauce... and corn bread. Mmmm. Oh yeah. Turkey is good too. I just usually have a small bit of it so there's more room in my belly for the all-important sides!

  4. not a bird-eater, myself. i like the cranberries and potatoes. and then pie. let there be pumpkin pie.
    and port.
    maybe some good whiskey.

  5. You crack me up! These finds are too cute! I especially love the whole turkey plush (in the oven).

  6. I love that stuff! What's cracker gravy though?

  7. Rebecca - cracker gravy is ... cracker gravy. It's literally homemade gravy mixed with crackers. ;D


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