Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yes, I'm selling some clothes on eBay!

eBay now lets you list 100 items a month with a starting bid of $.99 or less for free! Was I asleep? Had I slept? How did I miss this important change to their insertion fees?!

I stopped selling there back in 2008 because the fees were just not worth the hassle. But now that I don't have to worry about paying anything unless it sells - I'll treat eBay like my own personal flea market and see what happens. The Ogre and I are combining two houses into one, so it's time to stop hanging onto objects I no longer use. I've already rented tables at many yard sales and made several trips to the thrift store, but there are still possessions I've been shuffling my feet to part with because they're so nice.

Guitar Shirt on eBayFor example, the Self Esteem shirt to the right. It's super cool. The guitar is even outlined in iridescent glitter. However, thanks to my ... erm ... ample melons, every time I raise my arms, my belly shows. I'm just not confident enough with my abdominals to rock it any longer, so it's been gathering dust in the dark recesses of my closet.

Like Tyler Durden from Fight Club says, "The things you own end up owning you." Better squash any hoarding tendencies before it's too late. This month I'm going to list clothes I no longer wear, and maybe next month I'll turn to books I won't ever read again.

I don't want to be Jack's inflamed sense of rejection, so I really hope people bid on my auctions. If you know any ladies out there that wear Junior Size 11 to Misses Size L, pretty please send them to my eBay World for a great deal on gently used clothes!


  1. wow, that's so cool! I'm looking forward to hearing how things progress for you on ebay! good luck!

  2. Ebay has always scared me :) I have just recently ventured there and purchased a book, I know, I'm a little slow but it is a start. (He! He!)

    Wishing you well with your sales, it is good they changed their commission policy.

    Have fun combining your households :)

    Have a lovely day, T. :)

  3. Been thinking of returning to Ebay myself to sell but have been nervous reading other's comments. Keep us posted as to your experiences there.

  4. Good luck with your auction! I a a hoarder hardcore, so I envy your willingness to party with your goodies! :)

    - Lindsay

  5. Oh wow I didn't know about the Ebay price change either! I stopped selling a few years ago myself because of the hefty fees. Good luck with your auctions!:)

  6. I really like that shirt but not my size - darn
    I have sold on eBay and for what I sold - the fees were tough to handle.
    Good Luck to you-


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