Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Apparently I'm a Stylish and Versatile Blogger!

Natalie of Free Spirit Designs just nominated me for my fourth Versatile Blogger award in June 2012. Both Marja of Roseberry Style and M of Vagabond Carnival were the first to bestow me with the Stylish Blogger and Versatile Blogger awards in January 2011, then Megan of Megan's Creative Blog gave me my third Versatile Blogger award in February 2012. Carol of A Creative Harbor sprinkled me with the Irresistibly Sweet Blog award and Marja awarded me with a Trophy Cup in August 2011. I shall display them proudly in the dust free environment of this digital page. Thank you, darlings!!

Stylish Blogger AwardVersatile Blogger AwardIrresistibly Sweet AwardTrophy Cup Award

By accepting these awards, I now have the power to pick 15 more bloggers I feel deserve them, too! Congratulations to the talented souls of the following blogs:

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I also get to share 7 random things about myself:

1. I'm a Squid.
2. But I don't smell like one - usually more like Japanese Cherry Blossoms by Bath & Body Works.
3. Homemade chocolate chip cookies tops that as my favorite scent, but only when it's wafting from real baked goodies that I get to devour.
4. I have reoccurring dreams where my teeth crumble out of my mouth. Perhaps I should lay off the sugar.
5. In any case, I definitely need to reduce my calorie intake! My weight loss goal for this year is 30 pounds. SparkPeople, here I come, yet again.
6. Thanks to the clearance at Target, I bought a shiny hula hoop filled with water. It's fun to swirl, but I wonder how many more calories I'd burn with one of those fancy weighted hula hoops.
7. I watch Fraggle Rock on The Hub Network while eating breakfast. I'm going to take their advice and dance my cares (and my fat) away!


  1. Thank you for honoring me with the blog awards!

    I have those same tooth dreams! Aren't they awful?

    And, one of my other on-line friends has lost a lot of weight and had a lot of fun by learning hooping. I don't know if she's using a weighted hoop or not, but she can do some really cool tricks now on top of being in better shape!

  2. - OMG - I have 3 recurring dreams and this is one of them! I looked it up once and I completely forget what it means. All I remember was that the book said if you swallowed the teeth, it meant you're pregant! If you spit them out it was some other meaning.

    (And dancing is a great calorie burner - especially if you dance like no one is watching and I really really mean it. Try it!)

    Thanks for honouring me in the stylish blog list!

  3. Now I have the theme song running through my head...thanks...

    Online dream dictionary for use in interpretation - The definitions are pretty standard, but are open to interpretation.


  4. Congratulations on your awards, your blog certainly merits both of them and more.
    And thank you for thinking my little blog worthy of such awards, it is a true honor.

    Must agree with you that the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chips cookies is only matched by their delicious flavor.

    Fraggle Rock rocks! I've always loved Jim Henson characters, he is definitely missed in the Muppet world.

  5. I'm honored to get these may take me a bit but will do my best to pass them on!! So it blows me away to read about--your teeth dreams (I hate those & have them too) and your weight loss goal because mine is just the same...I'm having trouble getting started though, sigh. But dancing? You bet!! Why just save it for parties I ask????? Hmmmm

  6. Kristin,
    You are a sweetie, and definitely deserving of these prestigious awards.
    Thanks for thinking of me and passing these awards on to me and my humble blog!
    When you find out about what the crumbling teeth dreams mean, please enlighten me as I have similar dreams and am definitely not pregnant. LOL!
    Good luck on the 20 lbs, my goal is 15.
    Beaded Embellishments

  7. You're all very welcome! And wow, I didn't know teeth dreams were such an epidemic! I've seen possible symbolic meanings from feelings of insecurity in appearance to money issues ... so, if I lose that weight and sell more artwork, I'll have both covered and maybe they'll stop? ;D

  8. i too have had teeth dreams, a little freaky, right?! i love your artwork, you are so talented! glad I came across your blog. :)

  9. Congratulations on both awards Kristin! Your beautiful blog definitely deserves them! I also thank you kindly for passing these awards on to my blog and I. You make my blush! :)

  10. That dream of crumbling teeth sounds more like a nightmare...wouldn't it be sad to give up sugar.
    You do deserve those awards...many congratulations.

  11. fun random facts! I used to spark too and I also have those dreams. >.<

  12. well done on your many awards!!!

    i agree that choc chip cookies are scrummy :)


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