Monday, January 10, 2011

Branch out to TrinketsByM!

TrinketsByM twinkles with unique handmade treasures, including chainmaille, natural stone, and metal jewelry designs. Several pieces feature pendants inscribed with powerful words, such as "Imagine", "Forevermore" and "Love." I was tickled fuchsia to discover this one of a kind Brandy Necklace, especially after sipping on a delicious Sangria this weekend that included a splash of apricot brandy.

The self-taught jewelry artist, Emily, lost her job of over six years just three weeks ago. Since then, she's latched onto her Etsy shop to the point of reaching insanity, or sanity depending on the viewpoint. In her exquisite madness, she's offering my blog readers 10% off! Just checkout with coupon code "aqua10" before January 17, 2011.

TrinketsByM Etsy Shop

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  1. Hi there

    Really enjoy reading your words!

    WE will visit the store now : )

    Please take a look at our blog:

    SisterBatik xx

  2. Wonderful write-up and a nice story. Sometimes we know our paths in life at other times we discover our pathways. I think discovering is far more exciting than just knowing where we are going and what we'll be doing. ;)


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