Thursday, January 27, 2011

Handmade Trove: Flower Earflap Beanie by Cotton Corner

My garden of prizes from handmade giveaways keeps growing! Last month I won a custom crocheted hat by Kimberly of the Cotton Corner from the good. the bad. and the internet. blog.

Cotton Corner Earflap BeanieIsn't it adorable? Kimberly's had a lot of practice with cute - she's mom to six children! Her hats are popular among kids, but she also makes them in adult sizes. She has designs that feature flowers, stripes, polka dots, snowmen, even a football - and they can be created in any color of the rainbow.

After weeding through the possibilities, I finally chose her flower earflap beanie in gray to match my wool jacket and two shades of blue because my legs practically live in embellished jeans. The hat sprouted from my mailbox the same day as I received the Winter Fairy bag from another Etsyian named Kimberly like the two accessories were meant to be worn together.


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