Monday, February 28, 2011

Branch out to the Little Gray Boutique

Scamper through the Little Gray Boutique and you're bound to find cute and eco-friendly items for you AND your feline friend. The owner, Kasandra Griffith, is an interior decorator that wanted a fashionable cat bed to match her living room. After searching high and low with no luck, she decided to design her own. Since her cats love the sound of tissue paper and and grocery bags, she created a Crinkle Cat Mat from recycled plastics with catnip wrapped around warm fuzzy fleece. Her two cats adore their stylish beds, and so will yours! The mats are available in Kitten Size, Single Size & Double Size.

Kasandra also sews makeup bags and totes using upcycled Sunbrella material. That fabric is made for outdoor use, so her bags are water resistant and mold proof. They're also very affordable, as she prides herself in making quality, one of a kind creations that don't cost an entire day's worth of pay.

the Little Gray Boutique Etsy Shop

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  1. Adorable feature! I really like that she's using recycled materials ^-^

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  2. A crinkle cat mat! Genius! Will pass along info to my feline loving friends!


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