Thursday, February 17, 2011

Branch out to Will Write 4 Food

Tiffany Rainey, the freelance writer behind Will Write 4 Food, not only uses her talents to support her own appetite - she helps her clients put dinner on their tables, too. She uses a strategic method designed to get customers to a business's website through SEO, catch their attention, and buy the product. She incorporates creative writing and personality into modern marketing techniques and copywriting to achieve superior results.

But why am I still writing? Tiffany's the connoisseur of words! I'll let her explain her approach: "SEO, great photography, and eye-catching graphic design are just the icing on the cake. You still have to convince your customer that what they think is really pretty will also taste delicious. That is where I come in! I write to increase your traffic and close more sales!"

Her new service is catching on a lot quicker than expected, and her project slots are filling up fast. If you're interested in improving your business through the power of words, better contact her as soon as possible.

Will Write 4 Food Etsy Shop

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  1. Wow- really interesting! Thanks for posting - added to my favorites.

  2. I think her listings are very clever products offerings. You can tell immediately from her shop that she's got the marketing smarts!

  3. I follow her, she is awesome.
    I found you on UEF and am following you now.
    Come on over and see what i have to offer
    Thanks for writing this post

  4. Boy oh boy!! finding your post here was really lucky for me tonight given the big changes my online stuff is going through right now...I hopped right on it and dropped Tiffany a note about what I was interested in talking about having done....thanks girlfriend!!XX


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