Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Finds, FAE Style: Amethyst, February's Birthstone

I possess a glittering trove of amethyst jewelry, collected over the years as gifts. Since it's my birthday week, I couldn't resist exploring the caverns of Etsy for a glimpse at February's birthstone, my favorite quartz. Aren't these handmade creations by my fellow Fantasy Artists of Etsy precious? It's not too late to buy me presents.

Handmade Amethyst Finds on Etsy
1. February's Girl - Chunky Amethyst Point Wire Wrapped Necklace by Gypsy Moon Art Studio

2. Fluttering Amethyst Butterfly Necklace in Brass and Dyed Turquoise by Faerie Fabulous Finds

3. Art Nouveau Flame Amethyst and Copper Tiara Circlet Crown by Thyme2dream

4. Tristan and Isolde - Celtic Magic Wand Set with Kudu Horns, Smoky Quartz Crystals, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline by Spinning Castle


  1. They're all so beautiful! Wish I could afford to send you a giant amethyst geode from the gem show for your b-day ;)

  2. These are wonderful. My dad once brought me an incredible 18 karat ring with a gorgeous big amethyst from Singapore for my birthday. Really the only amethyst I have but I love it.

  3. If only I could afford #4!! Oh I'm pining right now! Thanks Aquariann :)

    -Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food

  4. You are so loverly and wonderfantastic! I may just have to give you my necklace if no one buys it by next February.

  5. Don't tease, Kat! That gorgeous necklace will make someone else a very happy girl before next February. Congrats on reaching 100 sales in your Etsy shop, btw! :D

  6. Gorgeous Necklaces! Fit for any Faery Queen:)


  7. Lovely collection!! And what a lucky lady to have your birthday week during Valentine week!! Hope both were just super!

  8. That top left piece is so lovely. I really like combining rough stones with more refined metal work. Great post.


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