Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Finds, FAE Style: Belly Dance Accessories

Tomorrow I am attending my first belly dance festival, Art of the Belly, in Ocean City, Maryland! I've only ever seen belly dancers perform live during class, Renaissance faires and fairy conventions, so I'm twirling in excitement to gaze at so many graceful souls in one place. To get my toes wet so I don't drown in sparkles tomorrow, I shimmied around the Fantasy Artists of Etsy troupe in search of what shiny handmade accessories they have to offer belly dancers.

Handmade Leprechaun Finds on Etsy
1. Tribal Spiral Dance Sterling Silver Chandelier Earrings by Mermaiden Creations

2. Wacky Wavy Braided Headband Wig Extension (Modeled by Kimberly of Night Lily Design) by Puppycatmeow!

3. Lakshmi - Chainmaille Belly Dance Belt by You've Got Maille

4. Steampunk Automatic Dance Accelerator Anklet by Erthe Fae Designs


  1. Oooh! Have fun at the festival! Be sure to post all about it :)

    This is a great collection! Not only am I glad that you included my anklet, but I was just lusting after that belt last week! I bet those shell coins make the most beautiful sound.

  2. Sweet! And good exercise, too, I hear. Anything that includes shiny, glittery, twinkling and silky stuffs has got to be good for you...or so it says in my fairytale of life book!

  3. That sounds like tons of fun! New follower from the Weekend Blog hop.

  4. Boo! So sorry I'll miss you at Art of the Belly.

  5. Have a great time! I wish I could loan you my bellybutton thats big enough to sink a very large Rhinestone. Ha Ha!

  6. so how was it?! now you're going to have to start collecting tinkly goodies =]


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