Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Silkdancer Swirl

Belly Dancer at Art of the Belly 2011


  1. Beautiful abstraction.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip to AC and made lots of mula :) T.

  2. Thank you! I actually didn't alter that photo at all - we couldn't use flashes during the performances at the Art of the Belly festival, so that's the effect caused from the shutter staying open so long.

    And T, I didn't make lots of mula in AC, but at least I didn't lose it, either! I came home with almost as much cash as I left with. *dances*

  3. Gorgeous photo. I love the motion and color!

  4. The photo is beautiful. Thank you for stopping by to visit and follow. My father was born on February 8th and is a very gifted artist who lives very close to Flagler Beach. I just found it interesting. I am 2/24...and must Always be close to water:)

  5. That's great! Perfect capture... It's all about the flow.

  6. Nice effect and colors with this photo. It really gives the feeling of being caught up in the feeling.

    I did wordless wednesday too. Love it.


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