Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Finds, Atlantic City Street Style: Monopoly Game Pieces

Monopoly Board GameOur mini-vacay at Caesars in Atlantic City was royally fun. Tuesday we spent most of the afternoon being pampered at the spa, then moved several property spaces over to the House of Blues for a rocking U.S. Foodservice party. And of course, we couldn't call it a night without playing the slot machines. I didn't collect $200, but I did obliterate enough ugly extraterrestrials in the Alien bonus rounds that my duct tape wallet left with as much cash as it started with.

Despite the trip spinning by much too quickly for my tastes, I had to smile when passing so many of the street names made famous by my childhood favorite board game, Monopoly. Once home, I made a gamble and was pleased with the handmade creations Etsy dealt back.

Monopoly Finds on Etsy
1. 1930's/40's Monopoly Board Game Box Spiral Bound Notebook by Another Work in Progress

2. Running Behind Antique Brass Necklace by Waist Knot Belt Co. 009

3. Steampunk Wedding Cuff Links Monopoly Top Hat Game Piece by Noble Studios Ltd

4. Vintage Monopoly House Earrings by Heritage Handcrafts


  1. I love it... you would've like my monopoly belt buckles, haven't had a chance to make more to list on etsy yet, but here's a photo from flickr:

  2. Sweet! I have mixed emotions about Monopoly though. Nostalgic for board games, but not nostalgic for the arguments that inevitably arose with our banker, my older brother.

  3. How original, love the pieces and the idea.

  4. What a great post and some very creative takes on a favorite board game. (even if I was never the winner)


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