Monday, May 16, 2011

Branch out to the Anafore Ignite App!

I'm a big fan of referral programs. Getting rewarded for recommending a product I'd suggest to friends free of charge anyway is like the added bonus of cream cheese icing on a carrot cake. Now that Anafore has created the Anafore Ignite App for Etsy shops that makes it easy for sellers to conduct their own customer referral programs, I hope to take advantage of many more.

Participating sellers no longer have to send out discount coupons by hand. With some technical wizardry, Anafore has made it nearly effortless for small businesses to boost their sales by offering referral bonuses. The hassle of sending out emails, tracking forwards and rewarding referrals is done automatically. The seller has full control over the discounts offered and can customize the emails. The app also provides a link that customers can share on Facebook and Twitter and tells the shop owner where the links have been shared.

I haven't bought from a shop that uses the app yet, but here are testimonials from Etsy sellers that have had good experiences:

“This is an incredible service that has helped me grow my business!” -cafeboulet

"I have had sales b/c of the referral email (both people who got the referral email and then the original referrer who received a better discount when the coupon they sent was used)." -codyscreations

Anafore Ignite
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  1. Interesting. I can see the potential benefits from the app. Thanks for sharing!


  2. This looks interesting! I might just have to try it out :) Thanks for passing it along!

  3. Interesting concept. I'm not sure that I like playing by click though. Paying a percentage or flat fee per sale is much more attractive to me.


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