Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Finds, One-Horned Style: Unicorn

I need a way to appease the rain and thunder gods (except Thor, already got him covered with the $13 I spent ogling his movie on Wednesday night) so they don't storm on the 2011 Maryland Faerie Festival this weekend and thwart our Sunday day trip. I've been twice and both times I've gleefully glimpsed Sweetie the Unicorn to add to my fantasy collages. Today I journeyed to Etsy to find her magical kin galloping majestically around the grounds.

Unicorn Finds on Etsy
1. Unicorn - Posable Felt - Soft Sculpture by House of Trouble

2. Unicorn Fantasy Resin Cameo Necklace by Lithia's Creations

3. Wearable Faery Tale Fantasy Art Glass Ring, The Unicorn by Faery Dust Art

4. Gold Unicorn Horn Costume Wig with Ears for Cosplay / Renaissance Festivals / Halloween / Dress up by Objet d'Art Designs


  1. I love me some unicorns. I totally saw the costume on this chic at the Renaissance Festival here in Minnesota last year. She even had high heels that looked like hooves& she work white leggins with white leg warmers that had a little shaggy look to them. She totally went all out...

  2. Think I could get away with wearing the unicorn costume to work if I promised not to impale late-ad bringers?

  3. I am refusing to think about the weather today, because I am a weather-disaster witch. I heard some thunder in the distance Friday and sent up a call to my fae sylph friends without hesitating, "Some rain would be nice; my grass is just about dead." Three hours later, a wickedly wild storm smashed into Central Florida; it sounded like hailstones were trying to break the windows and lasted for hours. Ordinarily, I consciously restrain myself from even thinking about the weather, and so far this weekend I have done well; today is bright and sunny. So if the weather Maryland sucks, don't email ME!


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