Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Finds, FAE Style: Mermaid Art Dolls and Sculptures

The temperatures in Delaware were record breakingly high this week. My air conditioner just couldn't handle the heat and literally froze up. The condenser leak was fixed today, but yesterday before the sweltering sun went down, I sat hypnotized by a table fan and fantasized about being a mermaid. Wouldn't it be swell to stay underwater so long without your skin shriveling or ... um, drowning?

Today I dove into the Etsy abyss. Several mermaids greeted me from the Fantasy Artists of Etsy team and gave me a tour of the handmade ocean.

Batman Signals on Etsy
1. A Little Mermaid Cloth Art Doll by The Fairies' Nest

2. Little Mermaid Statue "MERSHELL" Mermaid Sculpture Concrete Garden Art by PhenomeGNOME

3. Magical Mermaid Art Doll and Treasure Box by Faerie Garden Fancies

4. Mermaid Cloth Art Doll, Yeori, OOAK by Toadstools N Treestumps


  1. I've been wishing to be a mermaid my self lately...whew it's HOT! Thanks for including my little mer-child!

  2. What a nice collection! It's pretty hot here in AZ, but that's normal for us ;)

  3. Beautiful collection! Thanks for including me!

  4. very pretty. i think i like the first one the best.

  5. My fave has to be the one with the gren face! Great! Valerie

  6. Lovely mermaids!


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