Thursday, June 23, 2011

A MiddleEarths PreciousTrinkets pin named Aquariann

Ever since early June when Mary Anne of MiddleEarths Jewels told me that a little island fairy had left something special for me in Azores, I've been fluttering to the mailbox in anticipation. I had no idea when to expect the surprise to arrive, since it was journeying all the way across the sea from Portugal.

MiddleEarths PreciousTrinkets pinThe day it magically appeared, I had the package open before I even reached my front door. The gorgeous treasure to the right was carefully wrapped in black tissue and waxy paper, uniquely secured together with two metallic round-head fasteners. Its vintage brass findings, exquisitely enhanced by a patina process, whispered tales of sunken ships and underwater secrets to me.

The light that danced off the green gems was hypnotizing, but I finally tore my eyes away to read her beautiful note. And then I glowed even brighter - Mary Anne named this stunning design after me!

She's even offering another in her Etsy shop. This pin from her new PreciousTrinkets line can be added to a necklace, purse, cardigan, or wherever the possessor can dream. I plan to hang it by these other whimsical sea creations I received from another fellow FAE when not wearing it.


  1. gorgeous and magical! such an special treasure and gift!

  2. Beautiful piece. I know you'll wear it proudly!

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous and magical piece of jewelry! I love it!

  4. Fabulous honor for you and imagination and design in this pin!

  5. Hi! Great piece!

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    Kristin :)


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