Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Finds, Cavity Free Style: Tooth Fairy Pillows

My cell phone sweetly reminded me a week in advance of my impending dentist appointment yesterday, so the last few days I may have spent a bit more time flossing than usual. After sitting steadfastly through my teeth being scraped and polished by the dental hygienist, I am happy to report I am cavity free.

Although I still have reoccurring dreams of my pearly whites falling out of my mouth, I am thankful not to be young or old enough for that to actually happen. Still, I can't help but reminisce about memories of the tooth fairy. I still have several of the half dollar coins she somehow snuck under my sleeping head. I didn't have a special pillow, but would have begged for one if Etsy existed back then. These handmade tooth fairy pillows are sure to glean a toothy grin from any child.

Tooth Fairy Pillows on Etsy
1. Woodland Tooth Fairy Pillow by Paula Mills

2. Tooth Fairy Pillow with Fairy Dust Glitter by This Little Stitch

3. Polka Dotted Minky Fabric Tooth Fairy Pillow by Danni Mac Designs

4. Tooth Fairy Pillow Pal by Simply Sweet Gifts


  1. Aw such cute pillows. Etsy really is amazing. Anyway glad to hear you got good news. I doubt I'll be that lucky when I go to the dentist on Monday. Ah well. No point in worrying.

  2. I love that first pillow. So cute!

    I had to come by your blog to tell you that I saw your Fairy on Craftgawker and recognized it. I wish I had a "style" that people could instantly recognize me for. Congrats on being featured there!

  3. Very cute projects! I am also an aquarius (Feb. 10)... :) Thanks for following my blog, I am now following you too!

  4. Very cute finds! I hear ya about the god awful dreams. My only irrational fear is about my teeth being pulled. Needless to say, when I had to get one pulled a few Valentine's ago (yup, on V Day) I had to be knocked out. It was NOT fun.

  5. So sweet finds! I love especially the Tooth Fairy Pillow Pal by Simply Sweet Gifts! <3

  6. very cute...following from blog hop, follow back please:

  7. You know what they say about dreaming about teeth falling out, don't you? it means a) you're either keeping a secret from someone or b) you're angry at someone.

  8. I hadn't heard that, evilredcaboose! I've looked up the meaning on dream sites before and have usually found teeth associated with money.

  9. That last one is just too cute!

    Jamie @


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