Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Finds, Fourth of July Style: Fireworks Photographs

The local community college used to host an annual fair to celebrate Independence Day when I was a child. I'd spend the day jumping in the bouncy castle, getting my face painted and making sand art bottles. At night I'd accessorize myself with glow in the dark jewelry and curl up on a blanket with my family to oooh and ahhh at the fireworks display.

Unfortunately, that festival became history years ago. Now the only place around to watch a fireworks show on the Fourth of July is downtown Rehoboth Beach. The Ogre has to work and can't protect me from the legion of people, so I won't be fighting the holiday traffic to reach the beach. Instead I am living vicariously by gazing into Etsy's night skies. I found several explosive fine art photographs to dazzle my eyes.

Fireworks Photographs on Etsy
1. Firework Bridge 12inx18in. Dazzling View of Fiery Red Firework Display Against the Dark Night Sky by Adrien Huang

2. Dandelion Burst Just in Time for Flag Day and the 4th of July by CutchinPhotos

3. Fireworks at the Fair - Color Photo - 8 x 12 by Matt Allen Photography

4. Fourth of July, Fireworks, Original Signed Fine Art Photograph by Casablanca Color Studios


  1. Thanks for sharing, I won't be able to see them either; there's nothing nearby this year that I know of.

  2. So pretty, I can't wait till Monday. My neighborhood gets completely lit up w/fireworks.

    Bella Vida by Letty
    Have a great weekend.

  3. How have I not noticed your landing page before?
    Amazing - love it!
    Thanks for coming along on my blogride, love having you there :)

  4. Stunning pictures... like you said, no crowds and no smoke smells.... smiles.

  5. I was only talking about this earlier today, haven't been to a fireworks display for a while. These photos are great.

  6. Thanks for sharing the lovely fireworks photos from ETSY. I'm like you, hate the crowds. I have fireworks right down the street from me and I still don't go most of the time, due to having to deal with the tons of people. I overdose on humanity pretty easily.

    Yes, thanks, I've gotten 3 beautiful fairy books in the mail and I have plans for a fairy painting when I'm done with my vacation...should be fun.

    Have a happy and safew 4th weekend.


  7. I love picture #4. So different than the standard fireworks shots.

  8. Thank you for the shout out. We appreciate all the exposure that we can get.

  9. Great firework finds. Hope I get a chance to see our local ones on Monday.


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