Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Finds, Alien Style: Spaceship Sculptures

When I gaze up into the twinkling night sky, it seems infinitely arrogant to conclude that Earth is the only planet in the entire universe where intelligent life transpired. Yes, Fox Mulder, I want to believe. (And yes, I still watch X-Files :)

I don't know if little green men have ever flown their UFOs within a billion light years of our galaxy, but the History Channel's Ancient Aliens show makes fascinating arguments that aliens have hovered amongst humans. I may never discover whether the pyramids were built with extraterrestrial technology or a flying saucer crashed at Roswell, but I am sure of one thing.

Aliens have invaded the imagination of several crafters. I orbited around Etsy, and these stunning spaceship sculptures landed my attention.

Spaceship Sculptures on Etsy
1. U.F.O. Box with Lost Wax Cast Bronze Aliens by Wood Fusion Studio

2. Steampunk Space Ship Sculpture by Steam Planet

3. Crash Landing in Roswell, New Mexico UFO Sculpture by Close Encounters Studios

4. E. T. Pot - Raku-fired, UFO shaped Ceramic Teapot by Rakumancy


  1. These are fun :) I really like the fourth one <3 Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Thanks for including us in the company of these awesome sculptures!

  3. So cool! I think number one is my fave one though. I'd so have a steampunk tricked out house if I could afford it. Perhaps I could if I just acquire pieces here and there.

  4. WOW! Very cool! My husband would love these...he seems to be in to the whole alien/spaceship thing lately!

  5. This is pretty awesome! Thanks for visiting and your nice comments.

  6. So cool and weird! New follower from Etsy Blog Group :)


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