Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Finds, Woodland Style: Firefly Lanterns

Fireflies are fluttering about the trees, adding magic to the warm summer nights. Although I've studied these amazing creatures closely and know they're winged beetles, I still daydream that lightning bugs are fairies in disguise. Their soft glow is enchanting. It makes me gloomy that the world's firefly population is dwindling, perhaps because of an abundance of pesticides and artificial light. has suggestions on how to help encourage firefly survival on a local level, but the steps are too new to judge if they're working yet.

I went hiking through the forests of Etsy, searching for a way to treasure their sparkling beauty, even in the dead of winter. These firefly lanterns came twinkling through the woods to illuminate a path.

Firefly Lanterns on Etsy
1. Unique Twist On A Traditional Wedding Bouquet Firefly Lightning Bug Bouquet Lanterns by Bragging Bags

2. Small Firefly Lantern/ Flower Girl Basket Alternative by April Hiler Designs

3. Firefly Latern - Battery Operated Mason Jar by Simply Kacie's Krafts

4. Rustic Outdoor Firefly Lantern Woodland Garden Spring Summer Wedding by Brianna Paige Designs


  1. I love the way these lights sparkle in the glass and vines. Beautiful!

  2. So beautiful, enchanting!

  3. Your Etsy finds are always so amazing! They always make me want to spend money I don't have.

  4. I remember being a little girl watching the fireflies seemingly float by me in the hot summer night, we'd put them on our fingers and make pictures midair with the glow before they flew away. So nice to remember, thanks for that.

  5. I love all of those lanterns! Just beautiful!

  6. Love these. The fourth one is my favorite!

  7. The are beautiful and so magical! Stumbled!

  8. Oh my goodness, those are wonderful! I love them. Stumbled you.


  9. Thanks for stopping by Mama.Mommy.Mom. Love the idea behind these, especially the flower girl basket style.

    Jamie @


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