Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Finds: Woodland Wallets and Coin Purses

Delaware has had a bumpy week, thanks to an unlikely earthquake and now Hurricane Irene twirling toward us! In the midst of nature's madness, a goblin darted in and snatched my custom dragon wallet. I didn't lose much cash, but I did have to get two new credit card numbers and a duplicate driver's license (complete with horrendously retaken photo that looks like Bizarro World version of me with a tan.) What's worse, I went to see about designing another duct tape wallet featuring my art - and the shop has disappeared from Etsy!!

Luckily, fellow FAE Kimberly of Night Lily Design heard my cry of dismay and came to my rescue. She has offered to sew me a protective card holder with a fabric transfer of my Steampunk Unicorn, like she did my Winter Fairy bag. That'll be sure to ward off any thieves.

Now all I need is a separate pouch to carry emergency cash. I got a bit dizzy searching through the unending forests of Etsy and just couldn't make a decision. There are just so many enticing choices, including the wonderful woodland wallets below. I may try my hand at making my own paper wallet instead - I used to be a master at handling clear packaging tape back in my penpalling days of swapping slams and friendship booklets.

Woodland Wallets on Etsy
1. Poppy Garden Bifold ID Wallet - Leather in Orange, Sage, White and Antique Brown by Moxie & Oliver

2. Origami Coin Purse - Tranquility Series by Acute Accent Accessories

3. Mushroom Forest Pouch by Black Tulip Shop

4. Lone Pine FlipFlop Billfold by HAMMERBABY


  1. I've been sooo behind on my blogging lately. But I had time today to stop by and say hey. =)
    Great finds for today! I really like the origami coin purse.

  2. Sorry someone took your purse, how mean! Love the finds you have shown! Stay safe in the storm! Valerie

  3. Sorry to hear all your bad luck of late. If you believe in the law of 3's, then at least you are done!! (Quake, Hurricane, Purse, heheh)

    I'm sure Kimberly's design will come out fabulous!

  4. Know what you mean about those photos, sorry you had to endure. Hope Irene doesn't make things really bad for the entire east coast, stay dry as best as you can. There's that really old song, "Goodnight Irene" that probably wouldn't help, though. Keep safe.

  5. My vote, of course, is for #4! But I do love that poppy garden billfold by Moxie & Oliver. They make beautiful things!

  6. I'm sorry to hear someone took your purse, unbelieveable! As usual, you have found lovely things from Etsy. I love the one with mushrooms :)

    I have something for you in my blog ^-^

    Have a happy sunday!

  7. Such a violation for someone to snatch your purse! Sorry. I love #2, but would also have a difficult time with so many choices!!

  8. So sorry to hear about your purse.

    I love the wallets you posted!

    New follower. :)

  9. I like the poppy garden.
    I stumbled your post. and followed your blog.

  10. Yikes! Sorry about your wallet. Those are some cute ones you have posted.

    I am a new follower on GFC. I just stumbled this post and would love it if you can stumble my post


  11. sad that your stuff got ripped off, but it appears to be solace to your soul to shop around for new fun things. love it! and thanks for coming by All things Purple.


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