Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Finds, Pirate Costume Style: Tricorn Hats

Avast! International Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19th, be right around the weekend wave so hold on te yer skull bandanas. It be hard te fathom a year has passed since I went searching the Etsy seas with me Fantasy Artists of Etsy crew fer Pirate Jewels and Treasure Maps te celebrate. Today I set me magical compass te point toward pirate costumes fer Halloween instead. Through me spyglass, I spotted these tricorn hats! They'll make ye or yer sea dog the proudest beauties on the ship.

Pirate Tricorn Hats on Etsy
1. Pirate Hat for Dog or Cat by Lena Pavia

2. The Munchausen - Velvet Tricorn Hat - Pirate - Marie Antoinette by Topsy Turvy Design

3. Cheung Po Tsai, Handblocked, Velour Fur Felt, Tricorn, Pirate Hat by Caribbean Rose Pirate Emporium

4. Mini Pirate TRICORNE Tricorn Red and Gold Buccaneer by Gypsy Lady Hats


  1. These are real fun hats! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I was thinking about doing a Pirate family theme for Halloween this year! Love it.

  3. Absolutely better late than never to visit!

    This was a cool post to Stumble. :)

    My family is rather pirate-y, so we kinda enjoy this day.

  4. Love the Dog hat!
    Stumbled for Stop and Stumble Saturday Hop

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  6. I like those. I want one! Stumbled this.

  7. Love these hats! Stumbled for you.

    Mine is if you feel like checking it out.

  8. My son went through a pirate phase earlier this summer but never had anything as elaborate as these hats! These are high fashion pirates!

  9. The dog pirate hat is too much! I am visiting from the Stop and Stumble and have stumbled this post. If you have a chance and can stumble that would be great.


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