Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Finds, Walking Dead Style: Zombie Costumes

Zombies have been a favorite Halloween costume option and horror movie subject for years, but have eaten their way even higher on the pop culture food chain recently. Many humans are excited for the fall television show premieres in September, but I'm waiting with bated breath for season two of Walking Dead to stagger back to AMC on October 16.

It sucks brain matter that I didn't win their walk-on role sweepstakes last year - how wicked would it have been to have a professional make-up artist turn me into a zombie?! However, not all hope is lost for those that want to dress up as animated corpses. Feast your eyes on the sick zombie costumes available on Etsy!

Zombie Costumes on Etsy
1. Zombie Vegan Makeup Kit Zombie Prom Stage and Halloween Non Toxic Safe for Kids by PinkQuartz Minerals

2. Zombie Ate My Brains Hairband, Horror, Psychobilly by Emerald Angel

3. Zombie Feet Custom Designed Shoes 2 by ink-wear

4. Zombie Shredded Flesh Fingerless Gloves and Zombie Earflap Knit and Crochet Hat by Tinybully's Gloves, Goodies and Geekery


  1. This post really hit it for me...I love zombies and absolutely love the show, "The Walking Dead". I have never been so scared as I was this past year, watching that show, the make up is beyond awesome, those zombies are so real and terrifing. I cannot wait for the show to come back this Oct.

    I found this show so scary that I had trouble sleeping each time I watched it.

    I'm so bummed you didn't win the stagger on roll, how cool would that have been. Imagine getting to wear all that awesome, grousome make up, that would have been the best.


  2. Great costumes. Zombies are cool. That happens when you die...

    Stumbled this from the Stop and Stumble hop.

  3. I like the gloves. :) I can't watch horror, zombie, vampire, etc. shows/movies. It's really a challenge for me to get certain images out of my head so I avoid anything that might get stuck.

  4. Oh! And I came from the Stumble! Hop and gave you a thumbs up, too.

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  6. Love the zombie costumes! I am visiting from the Stop and Stumble Hop. I have stumbled this post. If you have a chance please stumble mine too.

  7. Very cool! I never knew there were so many zombie enthusiasts on Etsy.

    Thanks for posting this fun snippet!

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    Will Write 4 Food

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