Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Finds, October Birthstone Style: Pink Opal Earrings

My childhood best friend was born in October, and I remember being a bit confused that she had two birthstones. Opal and pink tourmaline are both pretty, so I went spelunking the caves of Etsy with an open mind. The pale shine of pink opal earrings caught my eye first.

Pink opal is a natural gemstone that is only mined from the Andes Mountains of Peru. It vibrates at a gentle frequency that is believed to calm the wearer's emotions and bring tranquility to their aura. This soothing pink crystal is often used in meditation to balance the Heart Chakra. I can see why - just looking at the color of these beautiful jewelry designs makes me feel peaceful.

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Pink Opal Earrings on Etsy
1. I Chopped Down The Cherry Tree Earrings by Nature of Art

2. Birthstone Earrings-October. Pink Opal. Oxidized Sterling Silver Hoops by j.Nic Designs

3. Pink Opal Earrings with Rose Quartz by Edi's Little Treasures

4. Peruvian Pink Opal Spiral Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Earrings by Kim's Jewels


  1. Gorgeous finds! I can't decide which I like best, #2 or #3.

  2. You have shared some wonderful creations today, love them all! Valerie

  3. So beautiful! And yes, they make me feel calm and peaceful :)

  4. You always come across the prettiest things. I love those dangly earrings.


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