Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Finds, FaerieCon 2011 Style: Fairy Art

aquariann at FaerieCon 2011Last Sunday I fluttered to FaerieCon to flock among fellow fairies. I made a beeline to meet two charmingly lovely ladies of the Fantasy Artists of Etsy team, Lithia and Sarah, and then flitted about in a bit of a daze. My eyes danced from fantasy art to soft sculptures to lace up corsets to steampunk accessories - my brain could barely process all the magical sights. Thank goodness my Ogre was there to ground me just enough to let me float down the aisles over and over again. And stop me from twirling into other elements, as I didn't have peripheral vision while wearing my amazing masquerade mask by Beadmask.

He even stood patiently while I sat in line to get my very first fHairy Strands by Dancing Hands. If you look closely at the upper right of my photograph, there's a sparkle where the light has caught one of them shining in my hair. fHairy Strands are thin hair tinsel that is tied to just one single thread of hair using a cute pixie pick akin to a small crochet hook. They usually last a couple months and are even safe to blow dry or flat iron. I chose the Rapunzel gold color and it does make me feel like I just stepped out of a fairytale.

Although I saw many glorious fairy costumes, I unfortunately didn't capture enough pictures to design a FaerieCon collage like I did in 2009. The costume contest now takes place on Saturday, so I missed it. I wasn't brave enough to ask strangers to pose, but maybe by next year I'll be more comfortable introducing myself to more of the creative souls there.

I wanted a visual to evoke the fairy festival mood for my readers so instead of searching Etsy for new finds today, I'm sharing artwork from Etsyians that had booths at FaerieCon. Even if you didn't get to attend, you can still decorate your home with the golden glow of fairy art.

Fairy Art on Etsy
1. Ruth 11x14 Matted Signed Digital Giclee Reproduction by Renae Taylor

2. Autumn Glow Moth wing Fairy princess 5x7 Limited Edition Art Print by Meredith Dillman

3. Black Honey - Steampunk Victorian Fairy Signed Art Print by Brigid Ashwood

4. Fairy Art "What Secrets Lie in Wildemere" 8x10 Print by Susan Schroder Arts


  1. What beautiful fairies! Thanks for sharing, Valerie

  2. Wow, it must have been magical! You look beautiful <3 And so lovely fairy art. I wish they arranged such festival here in Finland too!

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  4. Those are gorgeous! I love how they seem to glow. I have stumbled this post. Vicky from Mess For Less

  5. Oh my! The Fairies are so dreamy looking! You look like a true fairy too!

  6. We had such a wonderful time together, didn't we? :) Can't wait until the next gathering!

  7. Absolutely fabulous finds! Love #3. Beautiful!

  8. Liked you via stumbleupon - following as well!

  9. Each of them unique and beautiful. Thanks for stopping by Pagan Spirits and inviting me to link up.


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