Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Finds, Angelic Style: Christmas Card Sets

I used to send dozens of Christmas cards when I was in school. I'd stock up after Christmas when they were discounted over 50% off so I could afford the fancier ones with foil and glitter. They were so pretty; I had to save at least one of each design as a memento. The box of leftover cards is still tucked inside my closet, its contents no less shiny and dazzling from when the plastic packaging was carefully removed. I've pondered letting go of that hoarding tendency and sending them out this year - but what if I accidentally sent one to a friend that had already received it? I may have to research other ways to upcycle them. Any suggestions?

What I've been wanting to do the last few years is print my own holiday cards - but I have a difficult time drawing winter themes when it's still warm outside. During December, I usually have so many other things planned that I don't have the motivation to complete a piece in time. My goal this year is to draw an ACEO I can market next holiday season. For inspiration, I flew around Etsy looking for Christmas card sets. These miraculous Christmas angel illustrations answered my prayer.

Christmas Angel Card Sets on Etsy
1. Tidings of Joy Snowman Angel Christmas Cards set of 4 by Jennifer L Nilsson

2. Set of 10 - Holiday Postcards - Angel of Noel by Angelic Shades - The Art of Angela Sasser

3. Angels Words Set of 10 Christmas cards by Periwinkle Sky

4. Christmas Card Variety Pack, Set of 5 Cards by The Many Things


  1. Some beautiful angels there, thanks for sharing! Valerie

  2. Those are VERY nice cards. I too am trying to figure out what to do with my leftover cards from past years. I think you should make cards with your illustrations for next year! TFS

  3. Beautiful mix of cards! I often have cards left over from the year before and have stopped worrying about whether people receive duplicates or not. I also used to send out tons and will be cutting way back this year. I'm still using up some spares, but next year I'd like to make my own. Good luck with your design!

  4. HI Kristin! Thank you SOOO much for featuring my little snow angel cards! What an honor to be among these talented artists. xoxoxo (sorry for deleting the previous comment, not enough coffee leads to many spelling mistakes, lol!)

  5. Great finds - these are all beautiful cards!

  6. These are great finds! I love the snowman angel!


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