Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Finds, Valentine's Day Style: Heart Brooches

I wasn't too fond of Valentine's Day as a teenager. For one, I was always single. For two, my birthday is only a week before February 14th so several times I received presents that were decorated in hearts - which only made me more angsty. Since falling head over heels for my Ogre, I've certainly changed my tune. I now embrace romantic accessories as handmade gifts, as long as they're uniquely lovely like these heart brooches I stalked down on Etsy.

Valentine Heart Brooches on Etsy
1. Handmade Embroidered and Beaded Wool Felt Heart Brooch Lapel Pin - Valentine's Day - (Dark Red on Black background) by Creative Thread Boutique

2. Tin Heart Pin/Brooch, Inscribed With Unite, Passion, Joy or Spirit by Ruddle Cottage

3. Copper Heart Brooch. Copper Wire Heart Shawl Pin for Valentine's Day by Gypsy Moon Art Studio

4. Don't Lose Your Heart Brooch - Red & Blonde by smil


  1. I have similar feelings about Valentine's Day. It still isn't my favorite holiday, but I do enjoy all of the heart items. Lovely picks. I especially like the felt heart.

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  2. Valentine's Day is a holiday I can take or leave. I do like hearts, though. I really like that felt heart broach and the shawl pin.


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