Thursday, February 23, 2012

Handmade Trove: Amethyst Heart Earrings by Beaded Embellishments

I won a couple giveaways before I left for Las Vegas, so I was excitedly expecting to come home to some good snail mail and not just bills and advertisements. Discovering a package from Denise of Beaded Embellishments in the mail pile was quite a pleasant surprise. We were introduced in September 2010 when I won her Tanzanite crystal earrings. She then volunteered to become my very first jewelry giveaway sponsor, and we've been reading each other's handmade blogs ever since.

Amethyst Heart EarringsYou may recall from a few Fridays ago that I was searching Etsy for a pair of amethyst heart earrings to match my new February birthstone bracelet. Well, Denise made me the honored recipient of one of her random acts of kindness and sent me these lovely earrings as a birthday gift!! They came wrapped so creatively in a piece of scrapbook paper that matched her pretty earring hang card. She even included a 3M Anti-Tarnish Strip. All I have to do is place it near the sterling silver earrings in an enclosed area such as a jewelry box and it'll provide up to six months of tarnish protection. Isn't that neat?!

Denise is such a sweetheart and the passion in her designs shows. Take it from me, wearing her fashion beaded jewelry will make you make feel beautiful.


  1. Stumbled upon your blog through blog-hop.

    Those earrings are so gorgeous, I love the purple stone. Your blog is so lovely. I am your newest follower. Please check out my blog and follow me if you like it too, thanks!

  2. Oh my! Those are gorgeous! I need to stop by her shop.

  3. Pretty pretty ... I love amethyst ... I have a tumbled amethyst stone on my bed table to help with peace and intuition.

    Happiness to all.

  4. The anti-tarnish strips are a great idea! The new earrings are lovely. It's awesome to establish those great Etsy connections.

  5. You deserve them!! Denise is truly a lovely,generous lady isn't she
    Happy B-Day again!!

  6. I love hearts, roses and silver and you got two of them! Great job!


  7. Congrats my friend they are beautiful! xo

  8. Denise and her shop Beaded Embellishments are both genuine treasures!* If you haven't visited her Etsy Shop AND her lovely blog (with Chloe updates!) you don't know what your missing!

    And by the way, same goes for/ is true of YOU!
    (Jesselyn Andersyn)

  9. I love the heart earings they are so pretty


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