Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Finds, February Birthstone Style: Amethyst Heart Earrings

My birthday isn't until next week, but I've already started celebrating. My Ogre's dad's birthday is tomorrow, so last Sunday we feasted on the best homemade french onion soup I have ever tasted. We also exchanged presents. His parents bought me a beautiful February birthstone bracelet from JCPenney. Spaced upon the sterling silver chain are six tiny amethyst gemstone hearts surrounded by diamond chips. I've been wearing it on my left wrist, as the style matches my engagement ring perfectly.

I've already found birthstone earrings for several other months (see January Garnet Earrings, September Blue Sapphire Earrings and October Pink Opal Earrings) so I had to search for more of my own February jewelry. It's great to have a birthright excuse to wear purple accessories. I absolutely adore these heart shaped earrings.

Amethyst Heart Earrings on Etsy
1. Amethyst Heart Earrings Sterling Wire Wrapped by Holly Presley

2. Gemstones Stud Earrings 925 Sterling Silver - Purple Amethyst February Birthstone - Heart Gemstone by La Belle Collections

3. Amethyst Heart Earrings of Sterling Silver Wire by Mary Gunn Designs

4. Little Silver Heart Earrings Antiqued, Amethyst Black Hearts by 2 Trick Pony


  1. Happy Birthday a bit early! Your bracelet sounds gorgeous. I have a sapphire birthstone, but enjoy amethyst just as much.

  2. Great picks for February! I especially love the heart earrings. Your new bracelet sounds beautiful, too.

    Link up your Friday Feature post with me!

  3. I love amethyst too and it is not my birthstone either (Sept./Sapphire)It is so pretty!

  4. This is a cute blog :-) Thanks for including our Heart Amethyst Earrings :-)

  5. How cool! Does 2Trick (Rachel) know you included her earrings here!? She's awesome, one of my best Etsy buds....Happy Birthday to YOU!

  6. this is just lovely! thanks so much!
    (Hi Karen, lol)

  7. New follower. Love your blog. This is my fav stone and I was not born in February.
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  8. happy birthday! this is a beautiful daughter was born in feb we get to buy her amethyst too!

  9. Happy Birthday to a fellow Feb baby :) i love amethyst so much!


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